February 2nd is World Wetlands Day, and at Thames Valley Park, we’re fortunate to have year-round and seasonal wetlands that contribute to the wellbeing of both nature and our community.

Our wetlands are home to six ponds, adorned with a variety of aquatic wonders like broad-leaved pondweed, water-lilies, and the charming ivy-leaved duckweed. The lush bankside vegetation, featuring species like common reed-mace and reed canary-grass, adds to the natural beauty.

Beyond aesthetics, these wetlands play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They’re nature’s superheroes, storing water during droughts, absorbing excess water in floods, and filtering out pollutants. A natural water purification system that benefits us all!

Our dedicated team, with a focus on wellbeing and nature, manages the ponds and ditches, carefully and purposefully. Hand-pulling and strimming keep excessive weed growth at bay, ensuring the wildlife thrives while providing a serene environment for park users. The ongoing coppicing and pollarding of trees not only enhance the flora and fauna but also create a varied habitat structure.

If you’re curious to explore, bring your wellies to work! Wander through the woodland surrounding the ponds, where pollarded trees create open spaces, allowing diverse aquatic plants to flourish.

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