Last week, 19 park volunteers from Oracle, Sanofi, OpenText, and Computacenter came together to plant hedgerow whips, with the guidance of our dedicated landscapers, Scofells.

During the event, we planted 250 hedgerow whips, each signifying a step towards a greener, more biodiverse future. Among these were various species, including Crataegus monogyna, Acer campestre, Cornus sanguinea, Euonymus europaeus, and Prunus spinosa—contributing to the active ecosystem of our community.

But our efforts didn’t end with planting. We took measures to protect and nurture each whip. Bio-degradable spiral guards and canes will shield them from wildlife such as deer and rabbits, while eco mulch mats and wooden pegs will suppress weeds and retain essential moisture. These sustainable solutions not only safeguard our environment but also enrich the soil, ensuring long-term growth and health for our newly planted whips.

A big thank you to all our park volunteers and Scofells for helping us make the day such a success! 🌱🌍