Our occupiers can get ready for a rejuvenating experience with the return of our Wellness Programme, kicking off the year with a series of enriching activities designed to nurture both your body and mind. Here’s what’s on in January:

1. TVP Balance: Weekly Yoga Class

Join us for a harmonious blend of breath and movement, promoting physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Discover the perfect synergy between body and mind in our revitalising yoga sessions.

2. Upper Body Massage: 10-12 Minutes of Pure Bliss

Indulge in pure relaxation as our expert therapist works their magic on your back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. With gentle stretches enhancing your well-being, this is the ultimate treat for a quick escape into tranquility.

3. TVP Connect Lunch: Unite Over Delicious Food

Connect with fellow TVP innovators in a delightful lunch experience. Build new connections while savouring a diverse range of tasty food, from burgers and fries to Mexican delights and succulent chicken dishes. It’s the ultimate feast for foodies and street food enthusiasts!

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We’re levelling up for 2024, so we hope you’re ready for a year full of even more exciting events and classes, more to be announced soon!