As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared at Thames Valley Park. The past 12 months have seen us elevate our commitment to sustainability, wellbeing, and community building to new heights.

Our year kicked off with the introduction of the Wellness Programme—an initiative crafted to unlock the full potential of our valued park innovators. From invigorating bootcamps to serene sound healing sessions, we’ve curated a diverse array of activities to prioritise wellness on the park.
We also hosted larger community events like dragonboat racing, TVP gratitude festival, and a festive Christmas market which have further enriched our shared experiences against the picturesque backdrop of our park.

In alignment with our dedication to sustainability, we are proud contributors to The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative. Planting 70 trees, symbolising the 7 decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, we anticipate a substantial reduction of 10,500 kg in our park’s annual carbon emissions as these trees mature.

Thames Valley Park took a leading role as the main headline sponsor for the 2023 Reading Pride, standing in solidarity with Microsoft, Oracle, Sanofi, and Coeo to champion equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

In a significant step towards sustainability, we have electrified our popular shuttle bus fleet with the introduction of two zero emission minibuses. These electric minibuses will offer free-of-charge transport between Thames Valley Park and Reading Station, with the goal of achieving a completely zero carbon shuttle bus fleet by early 2024.

Through dedicated efforts with our ecologist, we’ve enhanced our park’s biodiversity, welcoming new species such as the Small Copper and Holly Blue Butterfly, Demoiselle Damselfly, and witnessing the debut of otters in our cherished green space.

Welcoming Swiss pharma giant Lonza to our park with a 400,000 sq ft life science campus, we’re pioneering a reimagined business park for the 21st century. Our expansive 80-acre space is proving to be a blueprint for meeting the post-Covid demands, fostering cognitive function, productivity, and innovation in a natural environment.

As the year draws to a close, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a happy and healthy new year to each member of our community. Looking ahead, we are excited about another year of growth, innovation, and the harmonious synergy between nature and business. Here’s to bold moves, united communities, and the unique spirit that sets Thames Valley Park apart.

Cheers to a prosperous and joyous New Year!