Thames Valley Park is proud to support The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative by planting 70 trees, representing the 7 decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Originally launched for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, His Majesty The King has extended the scheme this Spring to allow trees to be planted in her memory.

Seven species of birch trees, which originate from around the globe, have been selected to mark her reign and to symbolise the Commonwealth. Each group of trees has unique characteristics and is being underplanted with UK native wildflower meadow grass. Collectively, as they mature, 10,500 kg of the Park’s carbon emissions will be reduced each year.

Thames Valley Park has extraordinary natural capital from 24 acres of wetlands and water meadows running alongside the River Thames, together with woods, lakes, ponds and landscaped gardens. By choosing to plant the Canopy in the Park’s main road network, importantly, this intervention continues enrichment of biodiversity and habitat in the built areas of the Park.

This initiative is part of our commitment to create a greener environment and a sustainable future for generations to come.  The Park’s ecology strategy is evolving to address the challenges of climate change, raise species diversity, produce richer native habitat, whilst reducing demand on resources. Already much-loved by the local community, we know the Park’s natural assets are vital to the people who work here.

Rachael Millward, TVP’s General Manager, shared her thoughts on the importance of this initiative, “This is an incredible opportunity to contribute to a global initiative while making a difference in our local environment. It’s a great feeling to be part of something bigger than us”.

With work underway this planting season, we are honoured to be a part of The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative and look forward to sharing how Thames Valley Park is continuing to become a unique and irreplaceable natural amenity for future generations.