In the spirit of National Veggie Month and Food Waste Action Week, we’re spotlighting Sanofi’s flourishing rooftop allotment. The pharmaceutical giant is sowing the seeds of change, quite literally, by passionately cultivating their own produce at the Park.

Imagine the convenience for Sanofi’s on-site chefs, who can simply step outside to the roof terrace and pluck fresh vegetables and herbs grown by their dedicated gardener. What sets this green initiative apart is the commitment to natural and pesticide-free cultivation practices, ensuring that every bite is not just delicious but also a testament to their environmentally conscious approach.

Sanofi takes menu planning to a whole new level by aligning it with seasonal planting. This innovative strategy not only keeps the offerings diverse but also fosters a positive hospitality and sustainability approach for their customers. By using their homegrown vegetables, Sanofi is not just reducing the carbon footprint associated with delivery miles but also cutting down on unnecessary packaging.

But the sustainability efforts don’t stop there. Sanofi is making a difference in local gardens too, offering bags of used coffee grounds as compost to their employees. This eco-friendly initiative not only supports gardening enthusiasts at home but also contributes to reducing waste. A small donation to the charity Stop Hunger is all they ask in return.

For those with a green thumb or aspiring plant parents among their employees, Sanofi goes the extra mile by offering gardening sessions with their expert gardener, Jason. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for employees to connect with nature, ask questions, and gain insights into the world of gardening. Jason covers a variety of topics, from when to plant and soil preparation to drainage, water management, and choosing the right crops.

Sanofi’s rooftop allotment is evidence of their dedication to sustainability, employee well-being, and community support. As they continue to nurture the rooftop, the seeds of positive change are undoubtedly sprouting, blossoming into a greener future for all.