Thames Valley Park’s new arrival lighting scheme is nothing short of revolutionary. With incredible nature and impressive buildings on the park, the arrival experience has now been elevated to match. 

Running the entire length of Thames Valley Park Drive, solar powered up lighting has been attentively installed at the base of each tree. Careful consideration was given to ensure the scheme looked impressive both when lit up at night and when driving along the road by day – The uplight and solar panel casings have all been enrobed in TVP’s new energy line design. 

But by night is when the scheme really comes alive. Each unit is individually controllable in any colour desired on the full RGB spectrum. Expect to see pulsing brand colours, a nod to the seasons and schemes to highlight key dates in the calendar each year.

To power this, each set of two trees has solar panels housed in a casing angled to the South with accompanying batteries to store the energy that is collected. The panels and batteries effectively produce enough energy to power the lighting for up to 12 hours depending on the weather conditions.