TVP will continue to host a new 6-week Bootcamp course based on the country park behind David Lloyd.

The bootcamp classes will take place every Wednesday from 12:30pm – 1:15pm.

The classes will be provided by Progressive Fitness who have been running Boot Camps for over 14 years have helped hundreds of people get in shape and fall in love with exercising outdoors. Our Boot Camps are always varied, fun and full of energy. We have proven that you don’t need a gym environment to see amazing improvements to your health and fitness. Many of clients start out wanting to lose body fat and tone up but soon realise that training outdoors offers so much more to your wellbeing and mental health than just fat loss.

Every session is different consisting of bodyweight, endurance, power and strength exercises, circuit training and various fitness equipment all aimed to give you the ultimate boot camp workout with a group of like minded people.

To register your place or for more information, please email