Time To Talk Day is here, and we’re reminiscing about the valuable connections made at our recent TVP Connect Lunch at Thames Valley Park!

During the TVP Connect event, we adopted a powerful method to encourage self-reflection and engage participants in meaningful conversations. Inspired by Steven Bartlett’s approach with his podcast guests, we introduced a unique activity that involves documenting thoughts. We’ve crafted a book where individuals are invited to answer a thought-provoking question and, intriguingly, leave a new question for the next participant without knowing who that person will be.

This intentional act of documenting thoughts serves as a profound exercise in self awareness and connection. By putting pen to paper, participants not only express their own reflections but also contribute to a collective pool of diverse perspectives. This process fosters a sense of community and shared experience, showcasing the richness of individual stories.

Incorporating this element adds depth to the TVP Connect event, providing a tangible record of personal insights and a unique dialogue that unfolds organically. As participants engage in this thoughtful exchange, they not only gain valuable insights into their own lives but also become part of a broader narrative, illustrating the power of collective reflection and shared wisdom.