Visiting one of the companies at Thames Valley Park?
Thames Valley Park is located 5 miles from Junction 10 of the M4, or just a short journey from Reading station using our dedicated shuttle bus service.

We encourage visitors to Thames Valley Park to travel sustainably if possible. With excellent rail connections and a FREE shuttle bus from the station to the park it’s not only green but also an easy way to get here.

By Train

Travelling to Thames Valley Park by rail couldn’t be easier. Located just a short journey from either Winnersh Triangle or Reading Train Station, our free shuttle buses for staff and visitors run throughout the day travelling to and from the train stations.

Souther Western

15% Discount on journeys to Reading Station for TVP staff.

Easit is currently being reviewed as a supplier for Thames Valley Park. It is suggested that only weekly and monthly season tickets are purchased at this point.

Visit easit for full details


For current Easit card holders, a 15% discount is applied on journeys to Reading Station for weekly and monthly season tickets until 31 March 2020.

GWR will no be longer be operating under the Easit scheme come the end of March.

Visit easit for full details


More stations included
Visit easit for full details

By Bus

TVP offers two free services for employees and visitors to the park. We have an exclusive service that runs between the park and Reading Train Station throughout the day. We also offer a Winnersh Triangle service for employees travelling in commuting hours.


The shuttle bus service runs from (Monday to Friday):

6:45am – 7:22pm
7:08am – 9:38am
4:30pm – 7:00pm

Buses run on a loop and leave at six minute intervals during peak times, 15 minute intervals at lunchtimes and 20-30 minute intervals for the rest of the day.


The shuttle bus service runs during the morning and evening peak times from 7:08am – 9:38am, and from 4:30pm – 7:00pm, Monday through Friday. Buses run on a loop and leave every 30 minutes.

Download our app and have live route maps, timetables and traffic updates just a tap away.

By Bike

Whether you’re cycling as part of your commute or just fancy a leisurely lunchtime ride around the park, we’re here to help you get on your bike.

Cycling to work is better for you and the environment – keeping you fit and cutting air pollution and traffic congestion.

Not only is it one of the cheapest ways to get to work, it can also be one of the quickest. For example, Caversham to TVP takes around 15 minutes by bike.


If the benefits of cycling appeal but you’re not ready to commit to a new bike, why not take advantage of one of the loan schemes that operate on site? It’s a great way to see how cycling works for you. It’s also a useful solution for regular cyclists who find themselves temporarily without a bike.

All registered Easit users have access to loan bicycles through the Easit loan bike scheme. The scheme is great for those who are temporarily without a bike or wish to try before they buy.

All loan bikes are delivered to your office fully serviced and ready to go with a one-off charge between £25 – £40 which covers delivery, collection, servicing and up to a month’s loan.

For full details of any of the schemes please register through or contact
Oracle employees can also hire bikes through the Oracle Sustainability team:

Bike Discounts


Through Easit, TVP employees can get great discounts with Halfords, Brompton Bike Hire, Beatbikes & Cyclotricity. Sign up to Easit and view ‘your discounts’ for more information.

By Car


Sat Nav: RG6 1PU


We have Pod Point Open Charge electric vehicle charging on-site for businesses and their customers.

  • There are 4 x 7kW charging bays available.
  • Each bay has a Type 2 universal socket.
  • It costs £1.15 per hour to charge.

Before using the Pod Point twin, you need to download the app for iOS/Android phones or use the web app at:

Starting a charge is as simple as plugging in the car. Charging is indicated by the LEDs turning GREEN. When a vehicle is connected to the Pod Point Twin, the Type 2 socket at the pod will lock the cable into the pod. The vehicle side connector must be disconnected before the cable can be released from the Pod Point.

After the car starts charging you’ve got 15 minutes to find the charger on the app and confirm charging. When battery is full or charging has paused/ stopped for any reason, the green light will flash.

In the unlikely event that the lights go red, it means something’s gone wrong. No need to panic, just get in touch with Pod Point and they will get it sorted. Please count the red flashes, as this indicates the nature of the fault.

Telephone: 020 7247 4114

By Foot

Thames Valley Business park is connected to Reading Railway station by the Thames Path.

Following the course of the River Thames, this is a lovely leisurely walk, taking 40 minutes on average. We’re very lucky to have the Thames Valley Nature Reserve on our doorstep. Why not also take a stroll during your lunch break to get some fresh air, unwind and burn a few extra calories before returning to the office?

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Thames Valley Park walking map to Reading and Sonning

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