F3 is a free network that aims to pick men up and give them the motivation to be better for themselves, their families, workplaces and communities.

The group helps men to achieve the 3 F’s through: 

Fitness – Bootcamp style workouts that are open to all men, peer-led, always free and always take place outdoors come rain or shine.

 Fellowship – the fitness always ends in a circle of trust where men can share with the group whatever is on their mind. This can also involve after work and weekend activities such as pub meet ups, bowling, book clubs, go karting, canoeing, ‘walk and talks’, dog walking groups etc. Anything goes as long as it promotes fellowship between men.

 Faith – not one specific religion or faith system, but simply a belief in something greater than oneself. Faith could involve doing something for the community such as litter picking or helping in homeless shelters, charity events, sharing stories at men’s mental health awareness events etc. One meaningful activity could involve introducing another new man to the F3 group who may need help and support in life.

This new TVP initiative will be the first F3 group to be launched in Berkshire. The group will be led by Dan Winfield, an employee at Sanofi and will be open to all men working at TVP and members of the public in surrounding areas.   

Date and time

The first Berkshire F3 group is entitled ‘The Office’ and will start on Tuesday 13th September and continue thereafter every Tuesday and Thursday.

The boot-camp style fitness will take place from 6:00am – 6:45am on the meadow behind David Lloyd. The fitness will be followed by a 15 minute coffee and a chat.

For more information on F3, visit https://southeast.f3uk.net/

Dan can be contacted at danwinfield@hotmail.com

Dan’s testimonial for joining the F3 group can be viewed below:

“I knew I needed motivation to get my life moving in a better direction. Exercising on my own had become tiresome, and more often than not I’d use my solo position and the lack of motivation which fosters the necessary excuses not to bother. Obviously, this wasn’t going to get my fitness goals accelerating! On the 5th January 2022 I took a chance and met 7 strangers in a dark, frosty car park in Cranleigh, Surrey for a workout. Full of suspicion and doubt, I was certain that this would be a waste of time. What meaningful exercise can we do in an empty car park? Fast forward one hour and I was absolutely smoked! I had never experienced such a challenge to my fitness, and it certainly took me far from my comfort zone in terms of exercise. I was hooked straightaway, and I was never one of those guys that ‘loved exercise’!

The fitness wasn’t the most incredible part of starting F3 though. Without me really paying attention (and certainly not even knowing it was something that was missing) I had found myself in a developing fellowship of men determined to make themselves better. Men who look out for each other, encourage, laugh and share experiences together, be there for each other when life starts to shake. 

The friends I have made in F3 in the past 8 months have become the bedrock of what gets me out of bed so early in the morning, and has really put some of my previous friendships in sharp focus. I am by no means the finished article, but through fitness and fellowship I have learned to reflect so much more on who I am, what I am capable of, the impact I can have on others and how to be a better, more virtuous leader for my family, friends and those around me. This has helped me become better at ‘living third’: doing more for others and helping them succeed. I have no specific religion that I follow today, but living as a man of F3 has helped form my faith – the belief in something bigger than myself. 

Come connect with your fellow man and give F3 a try, you may not even know what you’re capable of, or what you could be missing in life!”