Are you looking to explore outside of TVP on your lunch break but feel restricted by time? Want to cycle but looking to meet new people in the process? This group is great for those who want to explore further afield along the Thames Tow Path by cycling.

The suggested route is to cycle along the Thames Tow Path, past the Wokingham Waterside Centre and across the horseshoe bridge along the route to Tesco. Continue to cycle along the pathway and through the Kings Meadow carrying on down the Thames Tow Path.

Once you reach Christchurch Bridge, cycle across the bridge, then take a left cycling through Reading River Promenade. Once at the end of Promenade Road, there are a range of cafes and pubs to visit.

Public toilets are available at Caversham Court.

The cycle will be self-guided by yourselves and the people in your group.

The meeting point is outside the TVP Management Hut. If you wish to attend, please click attending so others can see who is joining the group.

For more information, please contact