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April 17 @ 12:30 pm

We’ve partnered with Scott Mackey from Money Matters Plus! Together, we are dedicated to supporting our occupiers’ financial future through a series of expert-led financial webinars.

This week’s topic: Empower Your Financial Future – Navigate and Overcome Debt with Confidence

  1. Master Effective Debt Management Strategies: Learn the tools and techniques to manage, negotiate, and reduce your debt, turning financial stress into financial control.
  2. Protect Your Assets and Credit Score: Discover proven methods to shield your assets and maintain a healthy credit score, even when facing financial challenges.
  3. Build a Resilient Financial Plan: Gain insights into creating a flexible and resilient financial plan that prepares you for unexpected challenges, ensuring a debt-free future.

Sign up: https://www.moneymattersplus.com/helping-with-debt-tvp


April 17
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm




Thames Valley Park

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