Andrew works for Oracle and commutes between Newbury to Thames Valley Park three to four times per week, with one day working from home.

Andrew purchased a Raleigh Motus Tour 2019 Electric Hybrid Bike as he considers this to be a mid-range level bike that comes with the extras so there are no hidden costs. 

The decision to cycle the distance of 20 miles each way (1.5 hours) is down to wanting to lose weight and exercise, as well as not having to replace his car after a failed MOT.

Whilst the commute is a fair distance, the cycle along the River Kennet is peaceful and relaxing and brings no stress of being stuck in traffic. During the colder months and on the days that it rains, Andrew will take the train which takes around an hour. 


  • Andrew is winning back 1.5 hours extra each day by cycling to work with the reward of 3 hours exercise.
  • Huge saving on fuel costs as the commute between Newbury and TVP took 45 minutes (£160 per month)
  • Weight loss – Andrew has lost 15kg in the past 6 weeks through diet and exercise and reduced his metabolic age from 65 to 43.
  • Peaceful commute

Cycle to Work Scheme Pro’s

  • Painless process with Evans Cycles – “I went to Evans in Reading on Saturday morning and paid a deposit on the bike and got the paperwork to complete. I filled in the forms online and on Monday I got the cycle to work certificate. It took till Saturday to get the bike because I had to wait for Evans to get it delivered and built”
  • The scheme is not limited to £1,000 – “My bike (with a few accessories) came in at around £1600.
  • Oracle are efficient with moving the process along.