Wednesday’s dragon boat racing event was a spectacular success! Huawei clinched first place, with Opentext taking second and Microsoft (Red) securing third. The competitors, including Coeo, Marsh, oracle, huawei, vistra, Pexip, CH &co, opentext, Microsoft (red), Microsoft (rainbow), displayed remarkable teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the races.

Safety was a top priority, with everyone undergoing a thorough briefing and wearing life jackets. Each boat was equipped with a WWC helm, ensuring an extra layer of protection. The event also coincided with National Drowning Prevention Week, emphasising the importance of water safety.

We extend our gratitude to the competitors and spectators for making the event a memorable celebration of teamwork and safety. Congratulations to all the teams for their incredible performance, and here’s to future dragon boat races filled with excitement and camaraderie!