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TVP Calm

Exciting news for all TVP Innovators! We are delighted to announce the launch of our new monthly meditation class, TVP Calm. As part of our wellness programme, TVP Calm will join our existing initiatives, TVP Energise, Balance, and Move, to help you achieve a more balanced and fulfilled life.

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Introducing TVP Balance!

Get ready to find your inner peace with our new yoga class, TVP Balance! We’re thrilled to offer this unique yoga experience to all TVP innovators, completely free of charge.

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International Women’s Day

Today, FSP had a powerful panel discussion on women’s equity in the workplace. The event took place at the HERE building, and it was held in honour of International Women’s Day.

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TVP Energise – 28/03

Date: 28/03/2023 Time: 12:45 pm

Get ready to reignite your energy with TVP Energise – a new and exciting boot camp style circuit training programme! Delivered by the expert team at LAS Fitness, TVP Energise is the perfect way to combine a challenging workout with the beauty of the great outdoors.

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TVP Balance – 29/03

Date: 29/03/2023 Time: 12:45 pm

Are you ready to find your inner balance and unleash your full potential? Then come join us for TVP Balance – the ultimate yoga class for mind, body, and spirit!

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Guided Nature Walk with TVP’s Ecologist

Date: 29/03/2023 Time: 12:30 pm

Our ecologist will take you on a guided walk around the Nature Reserve and meadow to give you an informative talk about the habitats and wildlife on your doorstep.Β 

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