Join us as we explore the natural energy of Thames Valley Park and prioritise our physical and mental well-being! We recently announced the launch of our new wellness programme, which includes TVP Move and TVP Energise. These classes are designed to help you discover your natural energy, and what better place to do so than right here at TVP, surrounded by nature.

This week we officially launched the classes, hosted by LAS Fitness and Rachael Millward shared her experience with us, saying “LAS bring high energy to the workout classes with a range of different exercises and weights that gets you working every part of the body. Anyone that takes the class will be aching afterwards but feeling motivated and ready to come back for more.”

The classes take place in a quiet outdoor green space, opposite Microsoft, with plenty of trees and grassy trails looping around the park. Rachael also noted that “exercising on grass feels much more comfortable for the feet and ankles, especially when lifting heavy weights off the ground and fast footwork exercises using the rope ladders. While I still enjoy working out indoors, outdoor bootcamp gives you a completely different high with the natural outdoor energy and plenty of fresh air.”

We couldn’t be happier to see our community embracing these new wellness offerings and discovering the benefits of exercising outdoors in a natural environment. We hope to see more of you at our upcoming TVP Energise and Move classes! Park innovators, book your free space now via the TVP Life app.