Our commitment to environmental stewardship at Thames Valley Park goes beyond mere maintenance—it’s about cultivating thriving habitats. With the start of the new year, we’re thrilled to share the success of our efforts in welcoming new species to the park in 2023. 

Let’s start with the enchanting Small Copper Butterfly. Did you know that these delicate creatures, adorned with dazzling orange wings and intricate black markings, have become symbolic of the thriving biodiversity within our park? The open meadows and lush greenery provide an ideal sanctuary for the Small Copper, a testament to the positive impact of our dedicated conservation efforts in collaboration with AD Ecology.

Secondly, the demoiselle damselfly! They’re vibrant, agile, and skilled aerial performers, a stunning addition to our ecosystem. The males flaunt a mesmerising metallic blue, while the females shine in a lovely shade of green. 

We’re also delighted to announce the addition of the Holly Blue Butterfly to our biodiversity family! Their wings showcase a dazzling blue hue, and females sport distinctive black wing edges. Spot the difference with pale blue undersides and small black spots, setting them apart from the Common Blue. Easily identified in early spring, the Holly Blue emerges well before other blue butterflies, adding a magical touch to our park’s natural beauty. 

Finally, Otters have made their debut in our park for the very first time! Fun Fact: Otters, the skilled swimmers of nature, can seal their ears and nostrils while diving underwater! These playful creatures now grace our park’s vibrant ecosystem, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with our ecologist to enhance and maintain natural habitats.

With our continued efforts, we cannot wait to see how our Park’s diversity will grow this year!