Our delicious food ranges in style from family-orientated wood-fired pizzas, salads and pasta to formal restaurant dining with noted chefs and everything in between. Ethically sourced and as local as possible, our seasonal menus are tailored to suit each individual restaurant.

We pride ourselves on our local and responsible sourcing.

We pride ourselves on our local and responsible sourcing, serving exclusive Benugo coffee, organic milk and pastries and delicious cakes freshly baked in-house. We’re famous for our signature combination sandwiches and wraps – from the New Yorker toasted to your personal favourite choice of fillings, prepared for you from our counters. And it’s hard to start the day better than with a breakfast croissant or Eggs Benugo.

If you’re on the move, our grab and go wrapped salads and sandwiches are just the ticket to go with a homemade juice or hot drink.

We’ve cared deeply about good purchasing from the start.

Long before it became a hot news topic, we’ve always done our best to source food responsibly. We love to build lasting relationships with our suppliers. Like us, they have a real concern about the quality and sustainability of the food they grow, rear and fish and the way it reaches our kitchens and your plates.

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