Our lives at work may seem like a distant reality to our home life, but promoting sustainability in the work place not only helps saves the planet by reducing waste but all offers positive effects on employee health, productivity and positive environmental impact.  We all must make conscious effort to help save the floating rock we call home, so why not start at work?

Have goals

Your colleagues are more likely to rally behind your cause if they understand the motivation.  By opening a discussion and sharing ideas with your work force will help encourage them and feel a part of the process towards sustainability.

Make it Personal

If you want to make a difference in your office involve the people it is going to impact. Offer tailored incentives and benefits that feel personal to them. By taking time to understand what drives them you’ll be able to encourage change in the workplace.

Stay online

Workplaces are already becoming reliant on digital technology, but why not reduce the waste once and for all. Reduce waste by doing all your daily work activities online. Have something to print? Have your printer and copier default set to print double-sided reduce workplace your workplace paper use.

Beat the plastic

Plastic wasn’t invented until the 19th century and now we have a mere 9.2 billion tons of it to deal with. Plastic has been a useful product in our society, however there is an  estimated 50 per cent of it being used once and then thrown away. Your work place can limit or ban plastic water bottles and plastic bags by encourage people to bring your own cup to use around the office and when visiting the local coffee shop.

Renewable energy

One of the struggles of running a business is the costs, but a way to save money is by switching to a renewable energy source where possible. Your office can switch off artificial light because natural light is free after all, or switch to energy efficient light bulbs, choose laptops over desktops. Things like this might seem simple but will make a big impact.

We often question what difference we make as an individual on saving our planet, but the truth is every single thing we do has an impact – good or bad. We can’t escape the constant reminder that our planet is dying, it’s in the news, fashion and even technology. As globalization makes the world become smaller and people more connected, our lives are syncing up with one another.

The importance of making our lives more sustainable is becoming more evident. We spend the majority of our lives at work than at our own home. So providing a sustainable work environment makes for a happier work force and a happier planet.