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DigiCom 360 Thames Valley Park

DigiCom 360

Our job is to design and transform digital communications which are novel, making our clients more distinctive on the web. Over the past year we have built a reputation for best practice creative web design, email marketing, search marketing and innovative social media services. On one hand specialists are treasured but on the other hand converging technologies are demanding breadth of technical knowhow and expertise in digital marketing communications.

Our vision at DigiCom360 is to get small to medium businesses on digital ladder by transforming their communications. Placing search at the heart of our client strategies enables us to see the journey from a user's perspective; this helps our clients embrace digital marketing in a new way, very differently to traditional forms of advertising. Our heritage in design, pioneering work in email marketing and innovative tool set has helped create this platform, one that, as digital moves closer to the centre of marketing strategy, helps our clients attract, engage and acquire customers in all forms of digital. Established in 2008, digital runs through our veins. Our growing team of creative, technical and innovative marketing experts are passionate about all things digital; our integrated strategic approach and commitment to clients' means we really stand out. If you want commercially-driven digital activity, talk to us now!